Every week, thousands of children rely on Kids Company for their main meal of the day. They come to be fed, to learn how to cook, and to find a safe place to be a child.

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The Poverty Line

Poor people go to food banks because they ‘don’t know how to cook’, claims Tory peer Baroness Jenkin (who eats 4p porridge for breakfast)

We ‘Choose’ for Poor Children Every Day

Escolas Contra A Pobreza E Exclusão Social

Nursery reforms could cut childcare costs by 28%, DfE calculates

New calculations released by Department for Education will boost those seeking to push stalled plans through.

Mais de 69 mil crianças e jovens em perigo acompanhadas pelas comissões de protecção

Os dados que são apresentados nesta segunda-feira revelam um aumento dos processos nas comissões de protecção de crianças e jovens.

The impact of poverty on young children’s experience of school

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