A Greek drama

GREECE is not only the cradle of democracy, but of drama.  The latter in particular was in rich supply after George Papandreou, the country’s prime minister, hastily announced a plan for a referendum on the new bail-out package that had been approved at last week’s European Union (EU) summit. First Mr Papandreou had to confront a hostile cabinet (although it has since endorsed the idea of a referendum). Then he faced the threat of a rebellion by his Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pasok). And on November 2nd he will miss the opening session of a three-day confidence debate in parliament: Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, and Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s president, have summoned Mr Papandreou to emergency talks in Cannes. They will try to dissuade him from what one western European observer called “political suicide and financial ruin for Greece”.

Referendum Will Confirm Greece in Euro: Papandreou

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said a referendum on Europe’s rescue package will confirm the nation’s membership of the euro as he stuck to plans to hold the vote amid signs his government may collapse.

“The referendum will be a clear mandate and strong message within and outside Greece on our European course and our participation in the euro,” Papandreou told his ministers in Athens early today, according to an e-mailed transcript. It will “ensure this course in the most decisive way.” The Cabinet voted unanimously to endorse the plan.

Papandreou Is Right to Let the Greeks Decide

Europe is stunned. The Greek prime minister wants to allow the people to vote on the euro rescue plan for their country. Georgios Papandreou is putting all his eggs in one basket — but he has made the right decision.

Greek government teeters on brink of collapse in wake of referendum plan

France and Germany battle to save the single currency as Europe is plunged back into turmoil days after rescue deal.

Greece crisis deepens: Military chiefs sacked after shock call for referendum on austerity cuts sends markets tumbling

Ao segundo dia, os manifestantes gregos atacam-se uns aos outros

A violência entre facções eclodiu na manifestação que decorre em Atenas contra um novo pacote de austeridade. Segundo as agências noticiosas, grupos de esquerda digladiam-se uns contra os outros munidos de bastões e de bombas incendiárias.

Man killed in Greek austerity protests – live

• 53-year-old construction worker dies in Athens

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