As senhoras andam em adoração completa com o Alexis e o Yanis que são todos garbosos e tal e nós, arcaicos machos de velha cepa, nem uma Thaís sequer.

Trends in Income Inequality and its Impact on Economic Growth

Lots of Americans don’t have bank accounts.

There’s poverty in the UK, but we are better off calling it inequality

If you think the world is too divided into those who have the cream and those who don’t, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Why Poor Schools Can’t Win at Standardized Testing

The companies that create the most important state and national exams also publish textbooks that contain many of the answers. Unfortunately, low-income school districts can’t afford to buy them.

É como o negócio made in Cambridge. Comprando os materiais, é muito melhor…


… aqueles “deficientes” que estacionam os popós audi’s, bm’s e porchetas nos lugares reservados a deficientes.


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