É a auto-censura. A cedência às conveniências. O evitar de conflitos incómodos para garantir futuras vantagens. O auto-silenciamento é mais seguro, mais confortável e está muito bem de saúde.

Mas ainda não me apetece.

Is Anybody Listening to Teachers?


School districts need to support their teachers instead of trying to manage what we do. Ultimately, we all want the same thing—for our students to get the time and attention they need to be successful. That goal is very personal for teachers. We see our students every day; we know what their strengths and weaknesses are and what they want for themselves. They are not just numbers to us, they are our children.

When fall comes, the teachers in my district will be forced to work harder than ever before. They will do so because to fail would hurt our students; that isn’t an option for any teacher I know. But I believe that as teachers work harder our voices must grow louder. We need to help the public become more aware of what teachers do both in and out of the classroom and how important that work is to our schools and to the students within them.

After my experience this year, I think it is essential for all teachers to remember that even when we are ignored, we must never allow ourselves to be silenced. We are not just speaking out for ourselves, but for those who rely on us.

A sugestão de leitura é da A. C. mas veio mesmo a calhar… mesmo a calhar… em tantos sentidos.