A utilização da estatística é muito útil e eu gosto, mas… há por vezes limites que o excessivo voluntarismo não prevê.

Assim como há gente que basta ver um monte de números mais ou menos organizados, para achar que já está tudo pronto e que não há necessidade em ir verificar da sua fiabilidade.

Porque os números não devem ser usados de forma acrítica, nem torturados até dizerem o que se pretende. Devem ser recolhidos com rigor e tratados com honestidade para que a sua utilização posterior não esteja contaminada logo à partida.

InBloom’s Collapse Shines Spotlight on Data-Sharing Challenges


Founded with $100 million in support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, inBloom aimed to serve as a single, secure repository for the student data now collected by districts and stored across numerous disconnected systems. (Gates and Carnegie have also provided grant support for Education Week’s coverage of business and innovation.)


InBloom also promised to help districts more easily share that information with the growing array of vendors offering software and apps to schools. In the process, it hoped to shake up existing public-private relationships within the education sector, spurring improvements in both classroom practice and product development by bringing order to the chaotic, inefficient system for using student data that is now in place.

Confident in its mission, the Atlanta-based nonprofit made an audacious public launch—replete with parties, indie rock bands, and breathless presentations about the future of “personalized learning”—in March 2013, at the annual South by Southwest education conference in Austin, Texas.

Thirteen months later, following a series of high-profile departures by state and district partners, inBloom announced it will “wind down” operations.

“We have realized that this concept is still new, and building public acceptance for the solution will require more time and resources than anyone could have anticipated,” wrote Iwan Streichenberger, the company’s CEO, in an April 21 letter to supporters.

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