How to become an examiner


Outside the UK
If you are not based in the UK, our international exam centres employ Speaking examiners for the Speaking part of many of our exams.

You can check for opportunities and apply using the Apply now link on this page.

The induction process
Before you can do any live examining, you will be invited to complete Induction, Training, and Certification of Procedure and Assessment modules. These Quality Assurance (QA) modules may be delivered by online self-access, by telephone and/or via face-to-face meetings.

Invitations to take part in QA modules and any future deployment as an examiner are not guaranteed and are issued as and when examining opportunities arise. If we are not able to use your services immediately, we will email you periodically to ask if you still wish us to keep your details as a possible examiner.

Speaking examiners
Speaking examiners are required to undertake examining at centres locally or at least within a 60-mile radius of their home address. Assignments normally take place during morning, afternoon and evening sessions from Monday to Friday, and morning and afternoon sessions at weekends. Sessions take place throughout the year but peak in May/June and November/December.

Please do not apply for Speaking test examining work unless you are reasonably available to undertake assignments during the week, in the evenings and on some Saturdays. Speaking test examiners will not be asked to undertake more than two sessions a day.

Examiner recruitment – frequently asked questions

How many scripts will I have to mark? 

This varies depending on the type of paper you will be marking (e.g. whether the paper is short questions, long questions, essay based, multiple choice etc.). Between 100-250 papers per exam series is an approximate average.

How much will I get paid? 

Examiners can expect to be paid anywhere between £1.00 and £5.00 per script depending on the syllabus and type of script.

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