Our data show that segregation by immigrant status in primary schools is already high in the Netherlands – and as high or higher than in many cities in the U.S. – and that segregation continues to rise in many cities despite little or no increase in the proportion of immigrants in the school age population. Although a number of efforts have been initiated to reduce segregation, especially in the countries largest cities, these efforts have thus far shown little success.


Whatever their role in creating the problem, however, the twin aspects of freedom of education – the right of parents to choose their child’s school and the operational autonomy afforded to schools – make it is very difficult for the Dutch to do anything about their high levels of school segregation. Any proposal to reduce segregation, whether through voluntary agreements among schools or governmental policies, will inevitably involve a trade-off with a deeply held Dutch value.

Ou seja, quando o alto valor da liberdade parental entra em choque e contradição com outros valores (serão mesmo menores?) como os da igualdade de acesso, da equidade e da justiça social, para ficarmos só por estes, mais evidentes.

Deve a liberdade dos mais fortes manter-se cristalizada à custa da subordinação dos mais fracos?