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Florida’s Education Chief Quits Amid Report That He Changed a School’s Rating

Florida’s commissioner of education, a rising star in a national movement pushing for test-based accountability in public schools, resigned on Thursday after just seven months in office, after news reports surfaced that he had changed the grade of an Indiana charter school founded by a prominent campaign donor while he was the superintendent of schools there.

Michael Gove says free schools are Marxist ideal

Karl Marx has been enrolled by Gove in support of free schools as he says they ‘embody the ideal of the soviet’.

Karl Marx is the latest and perhaps most unlikely person enrolled by Michael Gove in support of free schools.

Marx – whose dictum that “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce” could have been an observation on Gove’s struggle to reform the national history curriculum – and his followers are cited by the education secretary as supporters of free schools, the controversial policy of state-funded schools outside of local authority control.

“Marxists support free schools because they embody the ideal of the soviet, a self-managing institution run by workers in the wider public interest,” Gove writes in the Guardian.

His comments come as Ofsted releases its full set of inspection reports for the 24 free schools in England that opened their doors in 2011. The results show that the first group has modestly outperformed their traditional state school peers.

Mobilidade Estatutária 2013/2014 – todas as listas (atualizadas no dia de hoje)

… conforme planeado pelos liberais de aviário.

Oito maiores bancos com milhões de euros em imparidades

Joaquim Pais Jorge ainda vai a tempo de ser Ministro

É condenado a prisão, dá-se como provada a acusação em última instância, sendo que a acusação era de as suas empresas terem conseguido favores enquanto ele exerceu cargos governativos, mas pode continuar a exercer cargos políticos.

Bem… não serve de muito, mas parece que por Itália ainda entram mais em compromissos do que por c+a.

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