Alguns riscos das lideranças fortes, hierárquicas e muito autónomas na avaliação e contratyação…

Silenced by the secret staffroom snitches


The result is that the school has become an informant society. We now watch what we say at all times, and only with those whom we trust do we speak our minds – and even then we do so with James Bond levels of secrecy, hiding in cupboards and appointing lookouts while swearing each other to secrecy.

It’s no way to run a school, yet this kind of behaviour will probably only increase as principals gain more independent power over pay and teachers seek any advantage they can get. There used to be solidarity among us, especially in the lower ranks, but it seems that is no longer the case.

Eu acho que o autor queria escrever bitches mas deve ter achado discriminatrio… embora existam de todos os géneros.