It’s About the Kids

When a major Wall Street investor and the CEO of a fast growing chain of charter schools get together for a chat, what do you suppose they talk about? Well that’s obvious. They talk about the kids of course, and their shared dream of *crushing* the achievement gap in order to put those kids on a path leading straight to 21st century skills and success. In fact, when an executive from Prudential Financial and the CEO of the UNO Charter Schools in Chicago conversated this spring, the kids were topic #1. Let’s listen in, shall we?


Missing kids
Reader: I know what you’re thinking—it’s like we’re right there on the horn with them! Alas, the audio of the actual conversation between Rangel and Levy, kindly shared by the Chicago Sun Times, is just a little bit different. The kids were never mentioned. Neither was the achievement gap, excellence, innovation, 21st century skills, outstanding-ness or even edupreneurs. The “investor update call” was about one topic and one topic only: cold hard cash.