Mas este é um daqueles exemplos um pouco na senda dos objectivos originais das charter schools americanas destinadas a dar uma melhor educação a quem dela precisava e não encontrava oferta adequada.

Só que isso afasta muita gente…

Charter schools more segregated than traditional public schools

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — At Sugar Creek Charter School on North Tryon Street in Charlotte, black students make up 96% of the student body while at Community School of Davidson, black students account for about 3% of the school.

And a Duke University researcher who studied charter schools in North Carolina found charters are more racially segregated than traditional public schools.

Charter school advocates say the segregation is an inevitable part of giving parents choice over where their kids go to school and parents and students are just “voting with their feet.”

“I honestly have never met a soul who said, ‘I chose Sugar Creek because all the kids were black.’  I just haven’t,” said Cheryl Turner, Director at Sugar Creek Charter School.

At charter schools students typically apply and are chosen at random through a lottery.  So charters say their students simply reflect the races of the applicant pool.

At last count there were 709 black students at Sugar Creek and five whites.

“When we have open house we might have three white parents come and a lot of times, if they come and see who else is here, this isn’t the choice they want to make,” said Turner.

Turner says neighborhood schools, especially elementary schools, near North Tryon and West Sugar Creek are also largely segregated.

“So this environment -– a segregated environment –- is the school they were going to go to if they went to school in Mecklenburg County,” she said.

But while Sugar Creek offers bus service and free and reduced school lunches, many charters don’t.