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Bruce Springsteen, Pay Me My Money Down

The impact of poverty on young children’s experience of school

Radical deregulatory reforms are intuitively appealing, and may produce important long-term benefits that increase levels of parental satisfaction with the schooling system. However, it is important to note that they are very risky since some ‘innovations’ would necessarily fail. Therefore, to enable market-based reforms to work in England, society would have to come to terms with greater levels of school failure than exist under a tightly regulated system. And policy makers would need to work to ensure that critical regulatory measures are in place to ensure that the life chances are not damaged for children who happen to find themselves in failing schools.

Porque a Educação não paira sobre o resto:

The Impact of Fathers’ Job Loss during the 1980s Recession on their Child’s Educational Attainment and Labour Market Outcomes

… até porque cá os que não tiverem o dinheiro para entrar, se calhar também não o têm para processar.

Oxford college sued over using ‘selection by wealth’ for admissions

Student takes St Hugh’s to court after after being rejected for not having access to £21,000 for tuition fees and living costs.

… só não vos quero assustar. Há gente demasiado alucinada em pontos estratégicos… que usa todos os pretextos bonitos para fazer coisas feias.

Era impossível acontecer pior à secundária Vergílio Ferreira, dizem pais

Seguro quer que os portugueses voltem a acreditar na política e nos políticos

Eu cá confio imenso no Álvaro Carlos Beleza Zorrinho.

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