Portugal: More sacrifices?


Never in the history of politics has there appeared a man so ill-prepared to govern a country in crisis, never has a team appeared that is so inept or which has implemented such blind, laboratory policies such as the PSD (Social Democrats) government of Prime Minister Pedro Coelho and his illustrious ministers. Already in the nineties, the same party sported a Minister of Finance who was labeled “the mentally advanced one”; for the one that is there today, there are no labels, no words and no patience for him, the Prime Minister and that bunch of charlatans that has dried up the country to breaking point.

In fact, those who think about voting for PSD, CDS/PP or PS should do an MRI scan of their brain because they were the three parties that have governed (?) Portugal since the Carnation Revolution in 1974. So they have no excuse against the charge that they took the country to the situation it is in, sometimes governing alone, sometimes collectively, over nearly four decades.

If they were directors of any company, they would have been fired for incompetence, but because they belong to the class that rules in Portugal, the worst that can happen to them is that they return to where they came from behind the bars of a university or some institute doing Christ alone knows what … organizing costing 50.000 Euros, maybe. I jest not.

There are situations where the truth must be said, however much it hurts and in Portugal there is a tendency to let things be, to pretend that all is well, and hope that maybe someday there will come a King Sebastian to put everything in order. Sorry, but that will not happen. The laissez-faire died in September 2012. Turn the page, time for a new mentality, a new country.