Domingo, 10 de Junho, 2012

The Arcade Fire, Wake Up


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In Lists of Best High Schools, Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story

This is the time of year when the lists of best high schools in the United States are published. For anxious consumers, the number of lists can be daunting, whether national in scope (U.S. News & World Report; The Washington Post; Newsweek and The Daily Beast) or local (Boston magazine; New Jersey Monthly; The Chicago Sun-Times).

Mas então a crise não era apenas causada por excessivos défices públicos, provocados por excessiva despesa com a função pública e encargos sociais?

Não era só na Irlanda (e na distante Islândia) que era preciso acudir à banca privada, esse modelo de qualidade de gestão e accountability perante os accionistas e os mercados?

Borrowing by Banks Plagues Europe Despite Aid for Spain


But the intervention will do little to address the problem that continues to plague the Continent’s increasingly vulnerable financial institutions. Namely: a longstanding addiction to the borrowed money that provides the day-to-day financing that they need to survive.

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