Porque é uma das maiores ameaças ao funcionamento da democracia, exactamente onde dizem que ela tem maiores raízes…

Wisconsin judge blocks GOP voter-suppression scheme

All over the country these days, Republican efforts to guard against the wrong people voting in elections — like minorities and college students and other undesirables — are taking the form of all manner of new laws and restrictions.

The supposed justification for these voter-suppression measures is the claim that voter fraud is rampant. The truth, however, is that such fraud is as rare as hen’s teeth, as we see HERE. Indeed, most of the people  hauled off to the pokey for voter fraud in recent years have been Republicans — like the secretary of state in Indiana, who was convicted just last month on six felony counts.

Meanwhile, the nefarious new laws are being challenged in various federal and state courts. And now, a state judge in Wisconsin has put a TEMPORARY HOLD on a Republican scheme that amounts to a latter-day version of the poll taxes that were common in the South in the Jim Crow era.

Wisconsin Voter Suppression Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Podem detestar os States e as suas distorções, mas por lá ainda existe um equilíbrio de poderes e os Tribunais funcionam como travão – a tempo – contra os excessos dos legisladores…

Por cá, os maiores admiradores dos escritos de Tocqueville são capazes de ser os primeiros a querer um poder judicial submisso, fora de tempo e instrumentalizado, que aceite o desrespeito da Constituição sempre que isso lhes interesse com a capa de interesse nacional.