In Initatory Experiences Vol 3, Dr Lefebure, a French physician and researcher, sheds a new light on reincarnation, the belief of the survival of the soul after death.


In Initiatory Experiences Vol 3, Dr Francis Lefebure describes the search that led him to consider that he was the reincarnation of Vasco de Gama. Under the influence of initatory techniques that a Zoroastrian, Artheme Galip, had taught him, he experienced reccurent reveries in which he saw himself as a cabin boy on a ship.
“The content of one of my reveries was particularly haunting : I was a captain and a mutiny failed because of the denunciation of a cabin boy. There was a lot of violence, a lot of blood spilt on the sea. And the impression of “déjà vu” increased as I practiced the exercises Galip had taught me. (…)

Thus, three or four years after my initiation, a kind of intuitive certainty insidiously slipped into my thoughts : I had been a sailor in my previous life. Such an assumption can be questioned by reason, but not by feelings. The phenomenon was strange but absolutely not disturbing as it took place at a time when I succeded in many exams. To me, this seems to show the difference between initiatory phenomena, however imperfect, and the pathological phenomena with which they might have a few accidental common points.

E veio a Portugal e tudo:

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