De muita coisa, está longe de ser algo monolítico. A liberdade de escolha tem muitas variantes… não se fica pela enunciação vaga:

  • Universal Voucher Programs
    All children are eligible. Example: Sweden.
  • Means-Tested Voucher Programs
    Children from families below a defined income level are eligible. Examples: Milwaukee, Cleveland, Washington, D.C., Louisiana.
  • Failing Schools, Failing Students Voucher Programs
    Children who are performing poorly in public school or who are attending failing public schools are eligible. Example: Ohio.
  • Special Needs Voucher Programs
    Children identified as having special educational needs or who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are eligible. Examples: Ohio, Florida, Utah, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.
  • Pre-Kindergarten Voucher Programs
    Children in pre-kindergarten programs are eligible. Example: Florida.
  • Town Tuitioning Programs
    Children who live in towns that do not operate public schools at their grade levels are eligible. In a few cases the town picks the schools to which its students will be tuitioned, but usually the choice of the school is left to parents. Examples: Maine and Vermont.