Apenas alguns aspectos mais técnicos, disponíveis aqui:

How are countries/economies chosen to participate in PISA?

Countries/economies interested in participating in PISA contact the OECD Secretariat. The PISA Governing Board then approves membership according to certain criteria. Participants must have the technical expertise necessary to administer an international assessment and must be able to meet the full costs of participation. To take part in a cycle of PISA, participants must join two years before the survey takes place. For example, PISA 2012 participants will have joined before March 2010.

Who pays for PISA?

PISA is financed exclusively through direct contributions from the participants’ government authorities, typically Education ministries.

Does PISA tell participants how to run their schools?

No. The data collected by PISA shows the successes of some participants’ schools and the challenges being faced in other countries/economies. It allows countries and economies to compare best practices and to further develop their own improvements, ones appropriate for their school systems.

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