Eu chamaria a atenção para algo interessante, a saber, a proposta de mudança no sentido de lideranças partilhadas contra as concepções mais centralizadas. O que significa que neste trabalho de 2000 se aponta na direcção oposta àquela que foi seguida entre nós nos últimos anos.

Como andamos sempre atrasados, pode ser que um dia…

Building a New Structure For School Leadership


This shift requires first, a redefinition of leadership, away from role-based conceptions and toward distributive views; and second, a clearer set of design principles to guide the practice of large scale improvement. Distributed leadership—hardly an original idea with me—derives from the fact that large scale improvement requires concerted action among people with different areas of expertise and a mutual respect that stems from an appreciation of the knowledge and skill requirements of different roles. Design principles derive from the fact that large scale improvement processes run directly against the grain of the existing institutional structure of public education, and therefore it is difficult to do anything consequential about large scale improvement without violating some fundamental cultural or managerial tenet of the existing structure. The problem, then, is how to construct relatively orderly ways for people to engage in activities that have as their consequence the learning of new ways to think about and do their jobs, and how to put these activities in the context of reward structures that stimulate them to do more of what leads to large scale improvement and less of what reinforces the pathologies of the existing structure.